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Stephen from Knox
Congress/House/California Districts/31
has been featured on "The Colbert Report"
as a part of the Better Know A District segment.


California's 31st District, The Fightin' 31st! was profiled for part 30 of the 435 434 part series BKAD.

The district, which comprises much of Hollywood is where the who's whom do where's when with the why what.



American Apparel's headquarters

Before profiling the district, Stephen first threw it over to Steve Colbert with the headlines, including a story about American Apparel, which was founded in the 31st.


The inside of Langer's


Langer's Deli

Steve threw it back to Stephen who talked about Langer's Deli, the one place in Hollywood where it's not a Mission: Impossible to find a decent pastrami sandwich. Are you listening TomKat? It's Far and Away a great sandwich - and not just for A Few Good Men - even Jerry Maguire can enjoy one. Don't have your Eyes Wide Shut when you drive by - that would be a Risky Business. Vanilla Sky.

The Buzz WatchEdit

  • The Los Angeles Dodgers are so hot at the moment that Dodger fans are staying up to six innings before leaving to beat traffic

Who's The Man?Edit

Which handsome hunk has the star power to represent the 31st in the 110th Congress? Is it:

a. George Clooney
b. Representative Xavier Becerra
c. Antonio Banderas

The answer, right after this.