Congress/House/California Districts/1
hasn't been featured yet as a part of the Better Know A District
segment. Be patient, Stephen will get to you by around 2014.

"The Fighting First"

Having not yet been covered on Better Know A District, nothing is known about California's first district; even its existence has been called into question. Some claim it does not inhabit part of California's wine country, but this is obviously false, as Stephen said that California's 1st Congressional District is California's wine country. It is arguable that without a first district there could be no subsequent districts, and so if there is a sixth there must be a first, but California is full of hippies and radicals who are just as likely to have randomly assigned numbers to their districts; Yosemite may be represented by District 95, or District Pi, or District A Million Bajillion.

It is also not known whether or not Mike Thompson represents this district.

CapitolDomeTulips This article is a stub of a Congressional District represented by someone who--apparently--was not elected to have the balls to be on "The Colbert Report". Until this district's representative gets the balls to get nailed by Stephen, help America "Better Know" this district by unloading your gut onto this page.

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