Congress/Committees/Senate/Veterans' Affairs
is part of the United States Federal Government.
Don't ask; asking only helps the terrorists.

The United States Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs is responsible for dealing with matters related to veterans. Specifically, overseeing veterans' hospitals, medical care and treatment of veterans, vocational rehabilitation and education of veterans and readjustment of servicemen to civil life. Now, obviously they can't personally prevent all the molding, decaying, roach infested hospitals in their jurisdiction. Haha, I mean, c'mon... they're only human.

Members Edit

Committee Members
Member State
Daniel Akaka, Chairman Hawaii
Jay Rockefeller West Virginia
Patty Murray Washington
Barack Obama Illinois
Bernie Sanders Vermont
Sherrod Brown Ohio
Jim Webb Virginia
Jon Tester Montana

Committee Members
Member State
Larry Craig, Ranking Member Idaho
Arlen Specter Pennsylvania
Richard Burr North Carolina
Johnny Isakson Georgia
Lindsey Graham South Carolina
Kay Bailey Hutchison Texas
John Ensign Nevada

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