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is part of the United States Federal Government.
Don't ask; asking only helps the terrorists.

The Senate Appropriations Committee is in charge of a large portion of the pork barrel spending from Washington. These thrifty senators found a fun use for billions of unused tax dollars just lying around. The money is often “invested” into specific constituents… who then provide political support (or “kick-back” as known on the street) during campaign sessions, enabling them to stay in office and continue the work of the baby Jesus. The process circulates money, which probably helps the economy. This money would probably have been wasted elsewhere like in New Orleans or something.

Members Edit

Committee Members
Member State Member State
Robert Byrd, Chairman West Virginia Thad Cochran, Ranking Member Mississippi
Daniel Inouye Hawaii Ted Stevens Alaska
Patrick Leahy Vermont Arlen Specter Pennsylvania
Tom Harkin Iowa Pete Domenici New Mexico
Barbara Mikulski Maryland Kit Bond Missouri
Herb Kohl Wisconsin Mitch McConnell Kentucky
Patty Murray Washington Richard Shelby Alabama
Byron Dorgan North Dakota Judd Gregg New Hampshire
Dianne Feinstein California Robert Bennett Utah
Richard Durbin Illinois Larry Craig Idaho
Tim Johnson South Dakota Kay Bailey Hutchison Texas
Mary Landrieu Louisiana Sam Brownback Kansas
Jack Reed Rhode Island Wayne Allard Colorado
Frank Lautenberg New Jersey Lamar Alexander Tennessee
Ben Nelson Nebraska

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