Conflict of Interest is an often misunderstood term. It's best understood by remembering Dr. Colbert's quote about VECO and Alaska Senator Ted Stevens:

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That is not a conflict of interest. Their interests line up perfectly.
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~ Stephen Colbert, PhD

The WikipediaEdit

Part of the confusion is caused by The Wikipedia, which, like it's lies about elephants, has mislead people who read into thinking that it's actually a "conflict". It even has a conflict rule.

Fortunately, it notes the need for "common sense" and an "occasional exception". And most important, that "consensus", not experts or "facts", determine the "guideline". That's why it's important not to read the rule and just see how it is applied:

See how the important information, like the corporate brands, logos, and profits, are featured and highlighted in a special box on the top of the page. It's like a company catalog or a resume for individuals. Ergo, Wikipedia's interests line up perfectly with oil interests, not with conflicts.


  • In the days after Dr. Colbert helped the wikinazis understand conflicts of interest better, there were at least 6 edits in 2 days compared to 6 edits in the previous 9 days and 12 edits in the previous month.

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