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Compassionate Conservatism are conservative with a big heart and they makes the world go around. Amen. Without them, the poor people will increase in number and Satan would rule the world. Continue the good fight to save the poor, ye noble people of America. Live free and work hard!

Workfare Edit

Compassionate Conservatism is a strong supporter of changing the welfare program into the workfare. Great compassion is shown by finding not one, but two!, minimum wage jobs for single mothers to get them off welfare. Economy grows when single mothers can find meaningful work in minimum wage jobs instead of taking care of their children by living on welfare. America owe these compassionate conservative so much that tax exemptions are giving to companies who participate in the workfare programs. It is sheer genius that the compassionate conservative figure out how to employ the capitalistic market in running social programs.

Weaponary Edit

Compassionate Conservatism also include compassionate weaponary. The best know example is the compassionate nucular weapons, known as Peace Maker Missiles. By releasing more nucular radiation in a shorter amount of time, it is more powerful and more merciful--more death with less nucular poisoning.

Misc Edit

Compassionate Conservatism involves lots of compassionate things, such as compassionate falafel, compassionate Ad Hominem Attacks, and above all compassionate fact-hating.

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