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Commander Guy

"As you know, my position is clear — I’m the commander guy."


Based on what George Bush called himself "commander guy"

So, in his honor, I suggest creating a page for a super hero named Commander Guy who fights liberals for the Christian Way.

Any help or suggestions (images too) would be appreciated.

Angry JesusEdit

Like all good superheroes, Commander Guy must have a sidekick.

In this case his sidekick is Angry Jesus. Always by Commander Guy's side, Angry Jesus loves laughing at liberals and their crazy idea of government. Although, he frequently gets annoyed by them and what they say. There are rumors that he is the reason the Saginaw Spirit beat the "Oshowoff" Generals, but Stephen Colbert Day was obviously prophecy.


Angry Jesus needs to pack some heat, right?

Well, he carries a .38 Smith and Wesson in his left hand in which he calls "The Amerigat." In his right hand is a katana which has no name. Its just an ordinary katana used to "Cut the liberal Crap."


Angry Jesus has many miracles he can perform.

When at the bar, he usually turns water into wine when girls aren't looking. If you dare provoke him he will turn water into your blood, and then he'll turn your blood into water!

The Double CEdit

Also, like certain superheroes, all good superheroes belong to a group of good superheroes who battle a group of bad supervillans. Commander Guy and Angry Jesus belong to "The Double C" or The Colbert Crew if you want to bless your lips with the Colbert name. The group originated in George Bush's backyard treehouse during October 2005 when he first found that Colbert existed.

Other MembersEdit

Other members include....

The Condo-Cat...(active)


Red Rumsfeld...(defeated by R.Hates)

Super Secret Service Sssssshhhhhhhhh...(active)

Hairy "Wit"tington...(Stable Condition as result of Cheneman thinking he was a "Damn Dem")

Robo-Sam...(Shut down for trying to eat all who didn't want him back)


The Double C usually ends up in disputes with a notorious gang of villians who call themselves "Al-Talhippiranibortionisteralussies." Some think it may be a mix of all Al-Qaeda and Taliban Members, Iranians, abortionists, liberals,and wussies. But that is just crazy. In the disputes they get into it's quite obvious that The Double C is always the winner.

Main MembersEdit

Bin Fardin'...(Hiding)

Sodarn Insaine...(Defeated)

MoHammerhead Omar...(Hiding)

Oh-babydoll-Ah Akhund...(Captured)


Babykiller...(Knocking-up and Knocking-out)

Opinionator...(Active and complaining about American Perfection)

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