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Colombia (pronounced Kool-ombia) is where cocaine is from. It's a dangerous South American country Mexican state full of narcoterrorists and Oregonians. Colombians generally profess a great love for Coke, which is unsurprising considering that coca is the secret ingredient of Coca-Cola. Well, it's not secret anymore now, is it?

Colombia also contains the District of Colombia.

Colombia TriviaEdit

  • Congressman Robert Wexler's favorite foreign country is Colombia. Congressman Wexler enjoys cocaine because it's a fun thing to do.
  • If one was to snort the entire nation of Colombia up their nostril, they would get so high that they would reach enlightenment and become the Buddha.
  • There's a lot of oil in neighboring Venezuela, meaning that Colombia must also have a lot of oil. If you combined oil with drugs, you could get high off of sucking in the fumes from your car's exhaust pipe.

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