Baby Jesus
The Baby Jesus and The Baby Satan
are fighting over the very soul of
Colin Powell
of Black Friends

Colin Powell (pronounced Co-lin damn it!) used to be our fearless President's black friend. But too much facty talk about how the liberation of Iraq was really going cost him the position. So he was replaced by Condoleeza Rice, who is both sexier and more obedient.

Colin spends his 'retirement' forlornly polishing his Four Stars and thinking about what might have been if he hadn't mouthed off quite so much. During rare piques of bitterness he also appears on TV and offers vague criticisms of his former boss.

Early LifeEdit


Career In MilitaryEdit



Lobbying ActivitiesEdit

Government WorkEdit

In Pursuit Of The Elusive 5th StarEdit

That dirty race traitor sold us out!



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