Colin Meloy
makes satanic music
which are lullabies to the Baby Satan

Profiles in Plagiarism.

Colin Meloy is the lead singer of hyper-literate indie rock band The Decemberists making him The Decemberists' Coattail Rider-In-Chief.

Prior to 2001, he was the Coattail Rider-In-Chief for hyper-literate indie alternative rock band Tarkio.

Counter ChallengeEdit

Meloy has issued a counter challenge to Stephen Colbert's Second Green Screen Challenge. He is asking Decemberists' fans to edit Stephen into The Decemberists' Green Screen video, but to show The Decemberists defeating Stephen!! Outrage!

FURTHERMORE, he has challenged Stephen to a guitar duel, when everyone knows gentlemen only duel with banjos.

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The Decemberists website

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