Colgirl Magazine, a patriotic magazine that covers everything that is Stephen related, including the bits that the liberal media refuses to publish and cover for fear of being sued for slander and libel.


Fans of Stephen Colbert were in an uproar when they learned that the Liberal Media refused to cover more Colbert related topics. This was as conspiracy, a media blackout to shun our addiction to anything Colbert related. The lamestream media gave a poor excuse that they were too busy covering boring stories like Obama's election, the Wikileaks scandals, and DADT. But what about Stephen? I am sure Obama stole got the Colbert bump mysteriously and that is how he got elected, Wikileaks refuses to mention anything Colbert related (they even got the balls to claim they never heard of him) which further proves their crime against America, and we all know that the reason DADT was killed was so Raymond could serve openly[1]. Stephen had to pull alot of favors for that one, but did anyone thanked him? NO!


  1. there is no truth that Raymond blackmailed Stephen, that is silly. But if you do happen to find a picture or the negatives of both of them swimming naked, please forward them to Comedy Central. There is nothing gay about it, its just two dudes having a good time while they are naked, and one of them happens to be big and gay and kills people for a living.

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