Coleen Rowley
is a Traitor
And will soon feel the wrath of a vengeful Baby Jesus.


Oh yah. Ms. Rowley in her FBI outfit.

Ms. Rowley is the epitome of the housewife gone bad!

She grew up in a relatively decent place, raised by relatively decent people eventually getting a relatively decent job at the FBI, yet somewhere along the way Ms. Rowley became a whistleblower.

Ms. Rowley Filths Up The FBIEdit

Election LossesEdit

Ms. Rowley has run for, and lost, a Congressional seat. It's unclear whether she ran as a Democrat or another type of socialist.


It appears, and it would almost make sense - maybe too much sense - that Coleen Rowley is from the liberal state of Canadian illegal immigrants Minnesota. However, it may be that during her time with the FBI she altered her birth certificate and other identification to hide her true identity. Until she proves she didn't manipulate her identity, we must assume she did and is working with George Soros to convert America to socialism.

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Internets SourcesEdit

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