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For decades families have gathered together to play Monopoly. It's been a great way for parents to prepare their kids for the numerous bankruptcies they'll face later in life, and a prime source of financial humiliation.

For forget the monotony of Monopoly. There's a new truthy kid in town: Colbopoly![1]

Now you can learn the art of capitalism while also being enlightened in the Ways of Stephen.

Patriotic playing pieces Edit

  • The WMD - play as one of Saddam's secret weapons and 'nuke' the opposition!
  • Cheney's pacemaker - a great way of honoring the VP. Just don't make any sudden noises!
  • Big Brass Balls - Pretend you are Stephen Colbert!
  • The Chainsaw that the Greatest President Ever uses to clear brush - a great way of honouring the POTUS!

Truthy places Edit

  • World Trade Center - remember where the greatness started...
  • The Daily Show Studios - remember where the greatness started...
  • The Colbert Report Studios - remember where the greatness started...

Exciting Colbert-centric event cards Edit

The god machine

You can own your own God Machine!

  • You sell your sperm for cold, hard cash. Collect $1,000,000.
  • Your new fragrace, Scorn For Heroes, is picked up by Bloomingdale's. Collect $50,000.

Colbopoly: The Subprime Mortage Crisis of 2008 Edition Edit

In an collaboration with The Prescott Group and Stephen Colbert, we bring you “Colbopoly: The Subprime Mortage Crisis of 2008 Edition”

The new edition comes with new properties:

Citigroup ($20billion)

AIG ($85 billion) ($112.8 billion) ($152.8 billion) (all your money!!!)

Bear Stearns

Merrill Lynch

Lehman Brothers

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (Federally owned)

Washington Mutual (really… you have to ask?)

This new edition also comes with new Chance and Community Chest cards:

  • AIG needs bailout money so executives can rest in luxury hotels; all players must give 10% of their money to the government.
  • The bank forecloses all your properties. You are homeless!!
  • Bank approves your loan with VERY attractive interest rates.

And much more!!

Coming soon: Colbopoly global edition, “Colbopoly: The Global Financial Crisis of 2008 Edition”

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