The Colboard Report is the child of Aegis Knight. It started in October of 2006 when aegis was bored, and Stephen decided to take a week off. Instead of watching the reruns of the Daily Show and The Colbert Report, Aegisknight decided to make his own.

The historic event was kicked off with a small story by aegis, with a plea out to the nation to submit their own material. members submitted several segments, and Aegis interviewed the first member of the Nation he could get his hands on.

Later, pictures were edited and added to give the Colboard Report a new realism, and it continued to appear whenever Stephen took an episode off.

Recently, due to popular demand, Aegisknight has agreed to air one episode a week on Friday, to give the Colbert Nation a full week of truthiness

First Post

However, due to lack of support, the Colboard Reports have been indefinately cancelled due to lack of popular interest. However, some day they may return...

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