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What is a Colbinista?Edit

In the early days, when the Colbert Nation were fighting for independence from the Dark Lords of Viacom, a lone traveler named Pulp coined the term "colbinista", and promptly registered it as a domain to stop any thieving bears from registering it as a dot com.

A Colbinista is a revolutionary, a person dedicated to truthiness, justice and the American Way.


At the dawning of the Youtube era, when video was new and people were still figuring out how to upload clips of shows without having the hosting canceled, a legendary warrior known only as the Talon of the Bald Eagle appeared. He was so-called on account of the eagle that was prominently displayed upon his shield of Truthiness. The Talon surveyed the land before him, rich pastures of fact, people with long faces and sad beards travailled this land, none of them enjoying that time following Jon of Stewart when the Dark Lords of Viacom dictated that David of Chappelle should be re-run. The Talon thought long and hard and after a long vigil broken only by breaks for a triple-shot latte and donuts, decided he would create a New Way. His squire, Avery was tasked with the creation of a single ColbertNation.

When the messageboard at Colbert Nation first opened, several brave individuals stood up and led the forum through the Great Migration. The original Colbinista were Pulp of Oscla, Emor8t the Pale, Hobobob10 the Clever, lloorren the Gray, Mikhial of Morn, and meaculpa d'oscla. They each swore the Report Pledge Of Allegiance and henceforth worked hard to bring the word of the Talon to the people of the Colbert Nation. The Talon whose name struck fear into the dark hearts of the FNC, was Stephen of Colbert.

Ironically, newer members have been unable to spell the name correctly, using colbernista in error. Some of these people believe Stephen's name is spelt with a "V" and not "PH". This is reason enough to Call Them Out. Stephen has said that if he ever finds out who keeps spelling his name with a "V" he will create a whole new category, worse than Dead To Me, that of "Was Never Born".

Recent EventsEdit

Over at Colbert Nation forums, two original Colbinistas are now moderators, Hobobob10 and Pulp. Avery however is still holed up with a 1957 Chevrolet in bits and spends his time listening to Richie Valens and drinking huge amounts of beer.