Colbertmania - A condition in which a person becomes a fan of Stephen Colbert

Caused by:

  • Watching the Colbert Report
  • Visiting Wikiality every so often
  • Being involved in anything that involves Stephen Colbert

Side Effects:

  • Watching the Colbert Report more often
  • Visiting Wikiality more often
  • Being more involved with Stephen Colbert
  • A hatred towards bears
  • A liking of Baby Jesus
  • Chanting "Stephen Colbert" in your sleep
  • Changing your middle name to Truthiness
  • when arguing with people, asking them "Why they hate Our Troops?" or demand they "Pick a side! We're at war!"

The Cure:

  • If you are actually looking for a cure, you have already found it. Looking for a way to get rid of Colbert is already enough to make him not like you and therefore you are cured.
And now you're On Notice, too. YOU DINGUS!

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