Colbert and Colmes
is just one of the many gifts the Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, D.F.A.
has bestowed upon all of humankind. Thank you Dr. Colbert, thank you.

January 5, 2009 EpisodeEdit


  • Alan joined Stephen behind The C Desk on his own chair
  • Stephen had Alan read off a list of words and phrases which he would be allowed to say:
    • Stephen, you're right!
    • Booyah!
    • Brilliant insight, Stephen!
    • Aw snap!
    • Hamburger, you're good!
    • Boom! Goes the dynamite!
  • Blagojevich did not seat Plaxico Burress, but Roland Burris
  • they then discussed taint
    • biggest taint since Longcrotch
  • Senate removed Obama to make the Senate all-white
    • they even gave him a separate, but equal branch of government
  • Franken may be white by Senator standards
  • Blagojevich should have his own holiday
  • Stephen doesn't think a comedian should be allowed to run for public office

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