Colbert Trivia sometimes appears between The Colbert Report's commercial breaks, enabling the home viewer to learn even more about Stephen Colbert.


October 17, 2005Edit

  • Why is Stephen so quiet about the hundreds of hours of charity work he does every year?
    • He's not doing it for the publicity; he's doing it for America.


  • If Stephen could be any famous American, who would he be?
    • Wouldn't he just be Stephen Colbert? "Be comfortable in your own skin!" That's his motto.


  • If Stephen Colbert could be Googled under any phrase, what would he like that to be?
    • "Greatest Living American"[1]


  1. And despite what this page says, we here at know that Stephen Colbert is infinitely more worthy of being called the "Greatest Living American" than is John Stewart

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