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Mission of the CNGEdit

The Colbert National Guard (CNG) was created for the defense of the Colbert Nation, and Stephen Colbert, as well as do missions assigned by him, such as through The Colbert Report.

We also do other missions not related to the ColbertNation, such as supporting Save the Children and the Museum of the U.S. Army.

Active missions for the Colbert National Guard can be found here

The Commanding OfficerEdit

The guy who leads it all is known simply as "Eagle 1".

Eagle 1 is an experienced leader, and is a member of the Civil Air Patrol, the Official Auxiliary of the United States Air Force.

In the future he will attend AFROTC, and enter the Air Force as a Second Lieutenant. He plans to be a pilot.

He can be contacted at

Additional Information and JoiningEdit

Additional information can be found at

The CNG Forums are located at

To join the CNG, you must agree with the Rules & Regs, be active at the Colbert Nation website, and just register at the forums. Upon joining the forums, go to the forum marked "Registration" and sign up in the way depicted.

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