Gangsta son!

ashe x tray is one of the Nations resident hotties. When not breaking hearts, Ashe enjoys poppin caps, drinkin 40s, rollin dem dice, collecting bling, and all other forms of ill gangsta shit. Said to roll the phatest of blunts, you probably arent cool enough to be in the same zone as this girl." -Eaglebear

Current obsessions Edit


Jimmy crack corn and she dont mothafuckin care, so react like she's strapped: put them hands in the air

Clique Edit

"Ashe rolls with the Scarf Crew, she reps scarves out like the most thuged out gangsta girl of them all. Dont be wearin the wrong color scarf around this she-pimp, she might just knot your ass up." -Eaglebear

Ashe has also been known to chill with Stephen Colbert, an honorary member of the Scarf Crew.

Contributions Edit

Since officially joining the Colbert Nation in Fall of 2006, Ashe has become a prominent (and by "prominent" we mean smartass) member of the Colboard. She entered the great Melon Wars and late-night Dibfests as the controversial fruit, Kiwi. On facebook, she has created the "Better Know a Nation Member"group and co-founded the idea of The Colpartment. Ashe broke the exciting news of the United Colors of Truthiness Flag's safe arrival to The Colbert Report. She may or may not have what some call "Avatar ADD." ORIGINATED THE PHRASE "CAPSLOCK AND COCAINE"...because it's a fun thing to do.

In her spare time, Ashe enjoys correcting people's grammar, hanging out with I Made Tek's Costume and Scorpioprodigy, being an extra in Daily Show segments, & chasing Paul Dinello across 10th Avenue.


Where Brooklyn at?

Heroes & Friends Edit

Enemies Edit

  • Viacom
  • Fucktards known as Ger
  • A certain TCR building employee by the name of Juan

Known Aliases Edit

  • Tasty-cakes

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