Who wants to marry Stephen Colbert was a contest started on Colbert Nation messageboards by mariposa and ended on The Affiliated Churches of Stephenology and Colbertism Official Forum. Contests competed to unofficially wed Stephen Colbert in a wedding in The Sims 2. The contest was so popular that it may have been referenced by Stephen himself in an episode where he named everyone Mrs. Colbert in a song.

The Setup Edit

The original plan of the contest was to have seven phases. Every phase be some type of fun challenge except for the last phase, which was supposed to be a unbiased poll to decide between the final two contestants. At the end of each phase, one or more contestants would be eliminated.

Contestants Edit

The original contestants were Bebeness, LePandaRoux, warsucks, angryrose, former Congressman Mark Foley (as represented by Pro-Lick), Pulp, Lefty for Pres, and Typhon. Typhon was the first to be eliminated because she apparently didn't seem to be interested in participating. After that, contestants were eliminated approximately once a week, but former contestants were very interested in the contest and stayed to watch the results.

Challenges Edit

The challenges involved in the phases were creative and amusing. They included such things as saving Stephen from an attack from a bear to proposing to Stephen to planning a wedding and honeymoon. The responses to the challenges wers also creative and amusing. Warsucks planned a King Arthur themed wedding and honeymoon. Bebeness made comics about most of her entries.

Almost Cancelled Edit

After Phase Six, the contest was almost cancelled. Mariposa announced she was leaving Colbert Nation and decided to cancel the contest. People were shocked. Afterwards, mariposa decided to bring back the contest on The Affiliated Churches of Stephenology and Colbertism Official Forum. Because not all contestants were members of the site, mariposa decided that the remaining four contestants should all marry Stephen Colbert.

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