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TyphonZZZ is one of the coolest posters on Colbert Nation, primarly because of her creation of [Z?], the coolest group on the Nation.

She's also hot, which doesn't hurt.

Recently, she has left the nation messageboards, seeing as she would do better to fight external terrorism, and the terror was too much to bear in the nation. She may be gone, but we will remember her as a great Fighter for truthiness.

"May the truthiness guide you, Typhon." As said by Otterfiend, Right now.

Otterfiend has Revived [Z?] in attempt to bring the spirit of typhon back into the colbert nation eye. Because this new group was made after typhon had left, it was named Post-[Z?]. The group failed, sadly. Typhon may have left, but her spirit lives on.

Long Live Typhon!

"She was pretty hot"- Pierre's Monster "COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!"- Pierre's Monster

See AlsoEdit

The Anti-Typhon: Kristy

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