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Truthiness Conquers All.

The Report Pledge Of AllegianceEdit

I pledge allegiance to the Report,
and to the wisdom of our charismatic leader,
and to the Colbert Nation for which he stands,
one nation under Stephen,
with truthiness and justisness for all.

Dino3738, Secretary of No Ragrets~~
Pulp, Captain Truthiness of the Colbinistas;
Emor8t, Founder of the American Committee for Truthiness;
lloorren, Law-Abiding Spreader of the Word;
Mikhial, Spreader of the Freedom Fries;
Meaculpa, Professor of Colbanglish;
Hobobob10, Guard of the Web;
angryrose, Department of Truthiness Security Officer.
aegisknight, Colbert National Patriot
Bebeness, Un-Official Stephen Colbert Artist
Jec0683, Loyal Follower
FireJunkMonkey, One of Colbert's many internets Minute Man
TadTheBuildingManager, Nambla forever.
Esteban_Colberto, the Betsy Ross and Cranky Old Man of the Colbert Nation
ColbertNationEditor, Bringer of truth to all editable material for the glorification of the Stephen Colbert and the Colbert Nation.
Tracey, UK Embassy of the Colbert Nation.
AhhDiddums, Premier Supreme of Awesomeness and Manliness.
ColbertsMyHero, Head of Alabama chapter of Fangirls United
Truthiness89, Origionator of 'OH DIP' and Girl with the 'Orn.
Stephanmason, Truthiness Crusader of Cental Missouri
BlueOut, The Plumber of the Internets Many Tubes.
Prof. McDoc, Stephen's loyal Anti-bear combat technology developer
Tex, Stephen's infliltraion specialist.
Avarice13 Head of the Department of Alchemic Weaponry.
Wolfley, Lead Electrician