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Prof. McDoc's Pointless NotesEdit

The listEdit


These notes are completely Pointless. They aren't even what I was supposed to be doing. I may fail that class, but this is way more entertaining.


I'm hoping these notes will be something like Sorachi's Mumblings, out of Shonen Jump, more specificly Gin Tama. They don't rally matter, but I like them anyway.


I find that people don't usually care what they think, but only want to please other people. Right now I am only pretending to take notes to please my teacher. That is stupid.


What really bugs me is when people try to sound smart, like using big word that they don't even know the meaning of, or forcing their English class to read Self-Relience by Ralph Waldo Emerson. And whats up with his name? My microwave's brand name is Emerson. Was he a microwave? No one can possible understand what that jerk ment. If 100 years ago some poor soul trys to read this, they will strain their brain. DON'T TRY!!!!!!!


On the paper I originaly wrote this on you can see a japanesse characters to the left of this. Why was it their you ask? Because it is what I think of non-Colbert stuff. The characers mean poop.


I already forgot what I had written just 10 minutes ago. That is why I plan to reread this and put it on wikiality. I will even type this stuff. See I just did.What did I just type? I forgot again.


The weirdest thing is that no one that reads the original paper copy except That One Guy, Captain John, and Pooperts know who I am. Am I three years old or 30 years old? am I in first grade or college? Who knows. Not you. But thats not my fault, it is yours. Who are you again?


This is the eight thing. Go away. I don't feel like doing an eight thin, oh, crap, I just did, didn't I. Bye bye.


The expiration date of a flying monkey-lion is directly proportional to its eight multiplied by one halve of a piece of pie and a cats mouth. That made no sense. So why are you reading some that makes no sense? you must be board or stupid. Bythe way the expiration date is orange.

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