-Joined the Colboards in July 06.

-The name Pierre's Monster was inspired by TSN hockey analyst Pierre Mcguire and his segment "Monster Performer".

-Only watches Comedy Central,Sportsnet,The Score and TSN.

-Eventually created Pierre's Monster's Monster Posters, a list usually with about 10 posters and he is usually #1.(And deservingly so). Also inspired by Pierre Mcguire.

-Along with the Monster Posters he created several great threads, making the Spam forum the greatest forum at the Colboards.

-In fall 06 he created The Pierre Repair, still going to this day is the 1st ever internet talk show on the Colboards.

-Pierre has created an alt named Grobis Zherchin which currently gets his qualites from dragonballz character Vegeta.

-Pierre works together with Eaglbear as his sidekick.

-Pierre's Monster(King of Off Topic and Spam forum)

-Pierre's Monster was once given his own forum.

-Pierre's Monster along with the help of Aegisknight and several Colboarda allies destroyed the Conspiracy Theories forum.

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