Papa Bear Edit


The One and only.

Not to be mistaken with the tv personality Bill O'Reilly. PapaBear joined the nation serveral months after it was created. Quickly climbing the ranks of the ColbertNation forum one blowjob at a time he is now one of the most coolest people in the world.

A founding member of the ForumMujahideen and a former member of the Threemuskters PapaBear is clearly a big fucking nerd.



Pranks Edit

The beloved prankster of the ColberNation Papabear has pulled off some notable pranks and shenanigans.

Salazara Is Ger The title to one of PapaBears pranks read, Salazar is Ger. Accusing Sal a newbie poster of the unthinkable, being Gerry himself. This hoax lasted several pages before mod intervention promoted PB to let the cat out of the bag.

This event has had lasting effects; Sal is now interchangeably referred to as Ger. Salazaar left the board due to the unanimously successful Operation: Trash Day.

Three Musketeers attack on GoldCrayon A stealth attack on GoldCrayon the former head troll of the Colbert Nation. Which resulted in the indirect banning of GC. Who is now LeakyPub, LeakyPub is not as douchey has GC was, probably from the trauma of being exposed on the internet. Which is serious.

9/11 Attack Long story short, my bad things got waaaay out of hand.

Lonewolf/Alter Accounts Edit


The account straussian was created as a reaction to the wave of terrible sarcastic conservative characters. Know for being extremely right wing these alter accounts usually clouded up the PD/CT forum with lame to sub-par satire of what they thought republican/conservative was.

In a time of extreme boredom the character, Straussian was born. A follower of the political philosophy of Leo Strauss the Granddaddy of all neocons. Papa Bears Straussian character hit the forum with a vengeance.

Posting his ridiculously controversial political views he received insults and praise from some members. Most notably socal. Who mentioned that finally there was a calm and well spoken right wing point of view.

This character was later abandoned by Papa Bear after a total take over of the PD forum over the course of two days. Many controversial topics are sure to follow.

Signatures Edit

Papa bear has the best signatures ever, and holds the record for most times his sig's have been quoted in the QAM thread.

Size of his penis Edit

Its rumorerd to be at least 8 inches but a hands on investigation by several FanGirls has pin-pointed the number at 7.23 inches.

Known Aliases Edit

  • Supreme Allah

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