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Nancie was the Colbert Nation's Official Episode Thread starter from early 2007 until the final episodes of 2008. Before that, she was an integral part of the Coalition For Fair Kraft Dinner Prices, a not-for-profit group which advocated cheap pasta for all. Currently, she is a leading proponent of The 'Orn (see below).

She is the winner of the 2009 Nobel Prize For Evil.


Aliases The Hen
Birthplace The Rock
Current Location Toronto, ON
Religion Proud Atheist
Education Too Much
Occupation Glorified Photocopy Person
Height 8 feet, 3 inches
Fun Fact #1 Routinely adds Jell-O powder to cottage cheese
Fun Fact #2 Hates fun facts
Usually found Henning It Up

Episode Threads Edit

Every new episode of The Colbert Report is celebrated with its own thread in the "The Colbert Report" forum on Colbert Nation's messageboard. Such threads usually degenerate into extended group moaning and petting sessions. As such, they are not meant to be taken seriously, nor internally.

Corn Edit

Subsequent to the July 2007 cyberterrorism perpetrated by The Moderator Formerly Known As *expletive deleted*, the original corn thread was destroyed and replaced by The All New, New-and-Improved, Better-Than-Ever, Corn Thread. This thread exists to pander to the Corn Gods, as well as lust after more earthly denizens.

Philanthropic Endeavors Edit

In her quest to spread joy around the world, in late 2007 Nancie began to send sugary treats to those less fortunate. Now known as the Campaign To Spread Tooth Decay, this charity has resulted in unwanted pounds and huge dentist bills.

The 'Orn Edit

The 'Orn is a wonderful thing. That is all you need to know at this time.

Cheese Edit

Cheese is one way to catch a Hen. I'm sure you can think of others.

Accomplices Edit

Nancie has several well-known accomplices. Among these are Otis, High Lord of Corn. However, her main international contact is Ruby the Red, the Ballybloodmoneyshire-based chameleon, cat burglar and seamstress.

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