Lefty For Pres, member of The Colbert Nation since the Summer of 2006. A mystery to most, now hails quite frequently on The Jon Stewart Expierence (JSX), a sister site to The Colboard.

Lefty is known for the work on The Daily Show: Online Edition on Friday Nights on JSX. Also writing pieces during the weeks where Jon Stewart is off on vacation.

Better known as the "Online Jon Stewart", Lefty also hails from NYC. Parts exactly are unknown.

Participating in the great "CRACK THREAD 2007" over on Colboard, people were lead to believe Lefty For Pres was indeed Jon Stewart. Rumors still surface about this mystery, nobody knows for a fact who the true idenity of Lefty For Pres is.

Lefty can be seen around fellow members of both message boards, most of the time being angryrose, mdrednek, Mira8, meaculpa, liberal_conspiriator, and Pulp.

Lefty was also a contestant in the long lived Who Wants To Marry Stephen Colbert? contest.

Known for giving Cheetos (an inside joke over on JSX) to Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, Lefty has been a messenger for both sites.

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