Kristy, having a sit down after an evening of fascism bashing.

Kristy is a heroin addict wildebeest who cuts herself every night as she watches the Colbert Report. She likes to claim I AM COLBERT NATION!, but she obviously isn't.

Kristy addresses everyone she comes in contact with as a fascist because she believes everyone but herself is a member of the "coporate elite". She is also the most pessimistic member of the Colbert Nation, due to an inflated frontal lobe and a yeast infection. If you cannot discern Kristy by her name or the content of her articles, you can by her quadruple chin, and the stench of spoiled onions and mothballs.

The beast feeds on fish juice and raw meat for nourishment, while allowing herself to get aroused by pictures of Colbert and the Viacom logo. These are pasted all over the basement in which she lives.

Kristy claims her keyboard kills fascists (as mentioned in her signature); however, not a single Colbert Nation member, as of yet, has met an untimely demise due to this murderous keyboard (though many brain cells have perished due to her intellectually rich contributions to Colbert Nation). The reason this keyboard has yet to take a life of a Colbert Nation member is this perhaps: Kristy is really the fascist, the one who the "keyboard-of-death" is draining the life force from, the one who is brainwashed due to their own device. But that is only a rumor only Kristy knows the Truth.

Facsism also loosely relates to the Nazis and Italians in the 1930's and 40's and is loved by the people to this day, many of whom belong to the "Fascist Horde" organization. See the article on Nazis for more information.

Shat out of the infected bowels of her child molesting, LSD ridden, abusive mother, she survived abortion at 7 months while in the womb. Surviving the abortion caused her brain to undergo a chemical change that resulted with her having ill-tempered mood swings and permanent PMS.

A notorious and despised poster at Colbert Nation, Kristy has made it her personal mission to shit on everyone who loves Stephen Colbert.

This Powerful Evil, can only be caused by possession of her body by satan himself. That mixed with the PMS and mood swings has made her impossible to save from the Dark-Side. I have but one thing left to say:

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