Some Pretty Crazy Shit is a fan's cheap homage to The Craziest F#?king Thing I've Ever Heard, one of the featured segments of The Colbert Report, the award-winning news program hosted by America's Newsman, Dr. Stephen Colbert.

Created for the heroes going through withdrawals, and unless otherwise noted, from links found at

A Man Grows Massive Warts On His LimbsEdit

Some dude from Indonesia has, what many people are calling "tree roots", but I'm calling some pretty crazy shit growing where his arms and legs should be.

Be forewarned, this is some pretty crazy shit...


A Woman Has 10 Pound Hairball RemovedEdit

Some chick ate her hair, and doctors had to remove the resultant hairball.

Scroll down to make yourself sick.


FYI, this is not the most disgusting picture of this woman's hairball on the internets.

Scientists Create Glow-in-the-dark CatEdit

LiveScience, as seen on Keith Olbermann's Countdown


Man Has Tattoo EnhancedEdit


A Canadian man has silicone breasts implanted in his leg to enhance a tattoo.

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