Hatröss Dementia in his natural state - engulfed by blackness


Hatröss Dementia imitating an effeminate European

Hatröss Dementia is a member of Colbert Nation. Hailing from the soon-to-be submerged liberal enclave of Massachusetts, Hatröss Dementia first appeared on the Colbert Nation forum in October of 2006, initially spending most of his time there ridiculing conspiracy theorists, before moving on to the 'Off Topic' subforum.

Notable factsEdit

Hatröss Dementia currently holds the title of 'World's Handsomest Jew' for the third year running. He did not actually win the title, but rather burgled it from the home of Jon Stewart. He is an avid fan of the heavy metal music, which he is often forced to defend against its many, many, many, many, numerous detractors. His favorite bands include Immolation, Suffocation, Dissection, Disembowelment, Dismember, Disillusion, Disharmonic Orchestra, Blind Guardian, Iron Maiden and Opeth. He does like other types of music, but most people tend to ignore that fact. When addressing Hatröss Dementia, it is important to include the umlaut over the letter 'o', which has been passed down through his family through six generations, originally purchased by his great-great-great-great-great grandfather from a farmer's market in Finland (the world's #1 producer of fine umlauts). The umlaut's omission of is considered by Hatröss Dementia to be an insult to his entire family. Hatröss Dementia currently works assisting professors at Brandeis University with technological issues, though he hopes to one day make a living composing battle music for second-rate American video games and writing pulpy crime novels.

Fangirl Approved?Edit

Though Hatröss Dementia is one of the members of Colbert Nation who has his own fangirls, he has not officially been rated Fangirl Approved. Theories abound as to why this is the case, with the most popular being that his application was simply lost in the mail.

Notable Hatröss Fangirls include:

Memorable QuotesEdit

  • "You know, I always wanted to know what it felt like getting blown by a chick with no teeth.
Hook a nigga up, yo!"
  • "I swear, whenever I see something on tv or the internet that strikes me as a stark example of how perverse humanity can be, the people involved have hick accents."
  • "Why? Are you gonna drive across the country and beat me up with your 15-year-old fists of fury?"
  • "Damn... I was clicking in the hopes of reading "I'll finish what my parents started when they put that coat hanger through my skull.""


Hatröss Dementia Sporting a man-pelt

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