Rayato is the alias of a deep-voiced woman from Minnesota who did the entire nation a great service. On the hit website YouTube, Rayato put up old, first-season episodes of The Colbert Report, not only bringing coolness to YouTube at last, but because YouTube is an American company, effectively made Stephen Colbert even more American. Many scientists had previously thought this to be impossible.

However, the liberal tech-spewing machine called Google came in and convinced honest, working Americans to hand over YouTube in exchange for what many believe to be an obscene amount of money. What many do not know is that this money was in fact virtual money from an online poker site so cleverly advertised with their non-commercial, non-intrusive advertisements.

Because Google now owned YouTube, they would immediately begin its purge of the Americanist doctrines presented on YouTube-- starting with Stephen Colbert. While the episodes no longer are on the Internet, the valiant Rayato will still be remembered.

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