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Eaglebear is a member of Colbert Nation.

Much in part through his bombastic narcissism and sense of self-worth, EB has managed to generate a considerable cult following among Colboarders over the past several months. Through this status he has been able to claim the following titles:

(Disclaimer: This list of EB merits/conquests/honors not necessarily exhaustive.)

Style Edit

EB gained notoriety on the nation for applying his free time to photo editing and graphic arts, coming up with some exquisitely random and truly whimsical images. This is most likely due to the fact that a picture is worth a thousand words, and that mothafucka has a lot to say.

Memorable Quotes Edit

  • “Bombastic narcissism” I’m way too fuckin handsome and awesome to be narcissistic…
  • "Excuse me ma'am, does this napkin smell like chloroform?"
  • "If you wanna beef, we can beef all day. I put a stop to your beef, like I'm the FDA"
  • "Zergleburf"

Ill Lyricisms Edit

Tryin to fuck with the Muj.?

Try and get a taste of our action

You get a taste of my splooge

That’s right bitch

I’m blunted and rude

that’s times two bad news for you and ya crew

When you hear the pop off

Of our Kalashnikov

Better check yo insides

Slow leaks come to ya

Courtesy of Bedouin tribes

Half Eagle, half bear

Yet half cow

Know what I mean?

I bring the beef to your scene

And I be makin’ that cream

Dexter on the track

And he bring the def for us

Using absurd-mad big words

Make you get your thesaurus

QT rolls the blunts

Got me stuck in that trance

He’s the illest MC

That ever pee pee’d his pants

Papa Bear couldn’t spit

Cuz he smoking that doja

Yet he still the baddest cat

That come out Minnesota

3 of the illest MCs

bring the lyrical attack

Me, Dex, and QT

While Papa B makes the tracks

Known Aliases Edit

  • The Cab Driver
  • The B.O.M.B.
  • Slang Prostitute
  • Tony Rocky Horror
  • Eaglebeard
  • #1 stunna
  • Freak Nasty of All Nasty Freaks
  • Sleazy Mac
  • MethadONE
  • King of Prussia
  • Atlanta Bambaataa
  • Frankie Grimes
  • Mr. Grime Minister
  • Optimus Grime
  • McGruff the Grime Dogg

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