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Colbert Loyalists Rules are the guiding principles of the Colbert Loyalists in much the same way doctors and Skull and Bonesman take oaths.

The RulesEdit

  • 1. Only do truthy stuff
  • 2. Stephen is Law (as well as any local law)
  • 3. Obey higher ranking dudes
  • 4. Never comply with bears, terrorists, gingers (unless they're hot), or any non-Colbert entity
  • 5. Watch your daily recomended Colbert Report
  • 6. Don't devulge any secrets at all
  • 7. If you must reveal any secrets told to you by us, you must accept a punishment (which will be decided according to the crime) or be kicked out.
  • 8. Please watch you language (ei. don't say Stephen and sucks in the same sentance unless you say not to like this says)
  • 9. Remember, put your team befor yourself
  • 10. Remember Stephen's birthday
  • 11. Don't disrespect the president (unless he is Barack Hussein Obama or a she)
  • 12. Don't add anything to the policies and don't change the rules (minor changes will be overlooked) or you will be domoted
  • 13. Refering to rule rule 4, if the ginger is hot, be careful and also, don't be a fool, wrap your tool and leave before they wake up in the morning.
  • 14. Remember, bears are your enemy, but put innocent civilians and bystanders (like babies or republicans) before even your team.
  • 15. As well as all the above rules, also follow any U.N. protocol and such as to avoid drawing attention from us (international crimes make orginazations look bad).
  • 16. Refer to the above rules


The reason for these rules, no matter how trivial they seem, is because of the basic importance of them. Most of them should be obvious, but you would be suprised how hard it is to get some people to follow them. Because of that, 30% of members are rejected, which is much better than the previous 74%.

Creators of the RulesEdit

The original Council of 12 created the first list of rules, but that has been lost to time (you would be suprised how much is lost in 16 years). Normaly, only the current Council can change the rules. There can be a few exceptions, if allowed by the Council or Head Command.

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