Colbert Nation/Chris Moreno
is one of the Think Tanks that keep this country
on a straight and righteous path.


Even old Spidey can't contain his excitment over the Truthiness of Moreno's art.

Chris Moreno is to the comic world as Stephen Colbert is to political world. Like Colbert, Moreno has recieved a great deal of criticism for acting from the gut. Apparently drawing The Hulk™ red with a "Papa Bear '08" tattoo on his back has created a stir among the liberal media. Being a true American is not a crime!

The ManEdit

Despite living the majority of his life suffering in the blue state of New Jersey, with its Pinko-Homosexual-Corrupt Demoncratic government, he has grown to become a phenom as a conservative artist. Chris has realized that politics, like comic books, should have little basis in reality. Combining the two is his ultimate goal. Soon McCain will be able to fly and Palin will be able to stop bullets with her "hockey mom" abs of steel.

The Art and its Promotion of TruthinessEdit

  • Dracula Vs. King Arthur™ - The glorious knight in shining armor (George Bush) fends off attacks from undead blood suckers (Democratically run congress).
  • Super Frat - A biography of George Bush's college days.
  • The American Flag - Chris actually went back in time to design the American flag so that Stephen Colbert would have a proper back drop.
  • Nose Candy - A superhero who can turn any baked good into pure white Columbian gold. A.K.A. the extremely valuable intern.


  • Is a member of the Colbert Nation.
  • Wrote Palin's speech for the Republican National Convention.
  • Reportedly has a larger Penis than Jon Stewart by at least one circumcision.
  • Has been seen on an episode of TMZ coming out of the Viper Room, which may lead to a new McCain Campaign commercial against Obama.
  • Does not tap his feet in public restrooms.


  • Can sit through the movie Gymkata in its entirety.
  • Has the same name as a democratic state representative for Missouri.
  • May have caused hurricane Gustav by shooing a butterfly from his mansion's balcony.

The views expressed in this wiki are not necessarily shared by Chris Moreno and/or: his employers; friends; family; general public. Taking this wiki as fact and not truthiness is punishable by a "wag of the finger" and possibly a random bear attack in your living room.

--Shane Spaulmaster 14:16, 6 September 2008 (UTC)

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