"Colbert Nation/Brickhouse"

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W A R N I N G ! ! !
Colbert Nation/Brickhouse
is not intended for drunken frat boys
Colbert Nation/Brickhouse
is a CELEBRITY! Oh. My. God.

The Brick House is a radio show that rips off Howard Stern and Saturday Night Live and is spewed on the American airwaves (WMFO 91.5 FM - Boston) and the interweb ( to listen) for 2 hours every Saturday night from 10pm-Midnight Eastern. The show's basic format consists of talking about absolutely nothing for a span of 2 hours, reading the news paper, and stalking internet message boards...all of which apparently taking place, near Boston. Stephen would be ashamed to hear of this filth that has invaded the radio waves, all the while keeping a firm grip on his coattails.

Prior Names

  • The Bitchslap
  • Hollywood Bitchslap
  • Bitchslap Radio
  • Bitchslap Bob
  • Lulz, Bitchslap

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