Bebeness in Colbert Shirt

Bebeness (Micah Jo Moore) is a regular poster at the Colbert Nation boards, and also frequently draws pictures of Stephen Colbert in her free time. She is best known for drawing cartoon/chibi drawings of Stephen based on the suggestions of other Nation members, or the ideas of herself. Before she began drawing cartoons, though, she would practice and draw Colbert realistically. (Seen below.)

Bebeness has been involved with a Colbert comic called Colbertoon, as the artist. The idea for the comic and the writing is done by SailorPtah (Erin). She is also a contestant in the "Who Wants To Marry Stephen Colbert?" competition run by mariposa. She has drawn comics and written songs for the competition and hopes to do well and get as far as possible.

She loves Stephen Colbert and his hilarious trutiness, and believes that everyone should love him too. Spread the love, heroes.

as a side note, bebeness kicks serious ass. She has taken a break from the colboard for school reasons, but we'd be glad to have her back. She can be coaxed back for short times to draw a picture if you donate her a DVD, and is encouraged by all colboard users

Art by Bebeness Edit

A few examples of the realism and cartoon art that Bebeness has done of Stephen Colbert. (All artwork, Copyright, the artist, All rights reserved.)


Stephen Colbert Portrait


Captain America




Flag Lean




Stephen + Stephen Jr.




Stephen + Jon + Banana


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