On July 19th 2007 =USA= Hero =USA= became a rogue moderator on the Colboard website and deleted tens of thousands of posts in a targeted manner that render any claims of innocence by him in these acts as obvious lies.

He has been known to be the Colboard's most incompetent moderator for quite some time, and has done some pretty stupid shit in his day. Including, but not limited to:

1. 7.19.07

2. Posting B_Real's IP

3. Falsely accusing Dark_Sage of hacking his account in an effort to bolster the movement to demod him

4. Purging the Suggestions forum

5. Locking his own report card thread because it was just that bad

6. Locking the Harry Potter thread, insisting spoilers were a 'felony'

7. Rigging the mod elections, then using the obvious dummy accounts to bolster support for himself by saying he'd be a cool and good mod.

8. Locking and/or moving any thread he didn't like

9. General douchebaggery

10. Cornering the asshattery market.

Mod who has a slug for an avatar and apparently doesn't care that Buffalo also has a football team.

Hero is most known for his love of goats and the feeling of his penis inside a warm goat ass. By goat asses, i am not talking about his mom, although she is frequently mistaken for one. He abuses the CoC more than any regular user. He is the biggest douchebag on the boards.

Here is what some users had to say about him:

Socal:"I really don't feel safe with Hero being a mod and becoming recently active. Ima go get high now . . . "

Mezzanine:"I saw Hero behind a goat just last week. At first I thought the goat was Stevie Nicks, but after further speculation, I was corrected."

lloorren: "There could be bears in our nation, why take any chances? Hero could have been supplying the bears with any range of weapons to take us down, the security of our nation is jeopardized by this tomfoolery!"

astro1014: "What a huge ****ing dicktard! I hope he ****ing rots in hell because he's a ****ing ****sucking b****! What a worthless piece of ****! He makes me want to shrivel up and die because he's such a huge waste of space! What a jack***."

Derrida316: "I totally love the new sailor-mouthed astro1014. It's like when Jewel started doing dance music. Oh, yeah, almost forgot: fuck you, too, Hero"

Hero's brain was removed surgically around 4pm on 7/19, and transferred into his favorite goat. The goat's brain was removed and placed in Hero's head. Hero is now a goathead and the wrath of Christmas Past will descend on him causing him to lose ebay bids at the last moment to a newb with 2 feedbacks.Pulp 06:54, 21 July 2007 (UTC)


Retired from Colboard.

Or is he?

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