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Among the greatest events of history was the time that our dear Colbert ran for President and won.

Everyone voted for him and those who didn't were poopy heads who lived in fear of his election[1].

What's this?

He can't get on the ballot?


Vote for Herman Cain, the white one.

NOOOOOOOOOO.....we'll just write in his name. It's ok, Mr. "Herman Cain" can run for him...

After all South Carolina doesn't have any laws against that.

Pope Truthiness IEdit

Matt Moore, Executive Director of the South Carolina Republican Party, thinks Colbert should instead ran for the Papacy, instead of the President of The United States of South Carolina. And he is right, Colbert has all the credentials he needs to become a Pope:

  • He is Catholic, the one true religion.
  • He is white.
  • He hates Protestants.
  • He is American.
  • He is rich.
  • He is celibate

Plus, I am being told Colbert received the holy blessing from The Holy Ghost himself, Ronald Reagan!

Race to South CarolinaEdit

News of Stephen Colbert's race for the Presidency of South Carolina made Huntsman and Perry jump ship as they feared Stephen's balls.


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