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A fake holiday created by homo-communist liberals to mock The Missionest Accomplished by The Greatest President Ever!


The Official History of Codpiece Day is well known as the day Our Glorious Leader declared Victory over the Godless Islamofacists of Iraq. Our Leader has received much criticism, with some terrorist enablers even daring to declare that it was all a PR stunt, but there is a secret history of Codpiece Day that proves our Leader to be our Saviour.

When George Bush landed on the carrier that day he had just single handedly defeated Alien Invaders in battle. Dick Cheney had managed to sneak aboard the alien ship and implant a virus which enabled Bush to make a kill shot, destroying the alien fleet.

In our best interests they decided to keep it hush hush, but the Mission Accomplished that day was actually that George W Bush had saved the world from annihilation and the real truth can only now be told. Bush, being the humble, modest man he is will no doubt be angry at this story leaking out, but his Heroism deserves recognition.

How The Liberals CelebrateEdit

Codpiece Day is a solemn occasion for the Godless Democrat Party. They begin their observance by prostrating themselves before the Golden Ass cheeks in the Temple of Bush and kissing them while begging forgiveness. After a prayer thanking God for coming back to us in the form of George W Bush, everyone goes to Bring 'Em On! Stadium where they puff themselves up and try to get other people to fight. The rest of the day is spent serving Patriotic Bush supporters.

How Americans CelebrateEdit

Shop til you DROP, Patriot!

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