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Dr. Colbert inspiring The Heroes.

Code Alpha Sierra was a call to arms from Dr. Colbert to The Heroes to name NASA Node 3 after himEpisode #521.

NASA's NamesEdit


"Earthrise, Legacy, Serenity and Venture" Too gay for space.

In 2009, when NASA decided to open up the naming of Node 3 to the internets. At first NASA only offered the names of their organic tea line, but someone decided to strap on some balls and allow America to suggest other names.

Suggested Name ControversyEdit


Xenu? Who told Anonymous before The Colbert Nation?

After alternate suggestions were allowed Internets-Americans began flooding NASA's tubes with the name "Xenu."

For a few hours this was the top vote-getter.

That was, until Code Alpha Sierra was implemented.

The Only Name For Node 3Edit


It looks like they were intelligently designed to be together.

As soon as the words came forth from his golden throat, votes for "COLBERT" began to clog NASA's tube.

Within minutes, "COLBERT" ascended to its rightful place at the top of NASA's tube and stayed there to be declared the winner when voting finally ended on March 20, 2009.

To inspire The Heroes on this mission, Dr. Colbert reminded us that he had given the International Space Station The Colbert Bump when he interviewed astronaut Garrett ReismanEpisode #394 and that since his DNA was already up there, according to the Breakroom Donuts Corollary, the ISS was already his.

Dr. Colbert's battle cry ended with a recitation of the Colbert Interstellar Motto,

Flag quote open clear2
In space, you can still hear me scream!
Flag quote close clear2
~ Galactic Overlord Stephen Colbert

The Final OutcomeEdit

Online, America saw clearly that "Colbert" was the winner. However, the Labcoat Larrys at NASA are busily trying to weasel their way out of this purest form of eDemocracy.

The issue is still being decided at the time of this posting.

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