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Cockology is the study of cock (or rooster in English). More specifically, cockology is a subfield of the study in agricultural application rather than biology because cockology is interested in maximizing profit. In other words, a cockologist wants to make tons and tons of money on cocks.

Sexing Edit

When a chicken egg is hatched, a chick is born. Chick sexing describe a process in which cockologists separate the male chicks from the female chicks. A male chick will grow up to become a cock and a female chick will grow up to become a hen. Due to the fact that the sex organs of chicks has no external characteristics until they become either cocks or hens, a cockologist must use his fingers to feel inside the sex organ of every chick in order to determine whether the chick will grow up a cock.

Capon Edit

A capon is a castrated cock. The reason for the castration is because they would bring in more money castrated than they would as a cock. In order to properly make a capon, a cockologist must castrate the cock when it is still a chick. Otherwise, there will not be soft supple meat for the customer. Due to the skill involved in castrating cocks, capon remains a luxury poultry only for Platinum members.

Controversy Edit

Animal rights hippies wanted to outlaw capons in America. For some strange reasons, hippies don't want male chicks to be castrated simply for financial gain. Instead, they want those chicks to be allowed to grow into cocks, with slogans such as "let chicks grow cocks".

Coming to the defense of the free market is Dr. Colbert, and a compromise is reached by cockfighting -- or more accurately, chickfighting. If the chick don't have the ballz to fight, it don't deserve to keep its balls. See that way, it is "natural".

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