Cobalt, also known as Colbie by her friends. Who knew minerals were so sexah?

Cobalt is one of the most important mineral in the American industry and has a positive effect in our lives, without Cobalt Western Civilization America would fall! Which is why it must be protected against the enemies of Cobalt.

Who hates Cobalt?Edit

Who loves Cobalt?Edit

Cobalt can be use in a million ways:Edit

  • Your clothes and foods are manufactured from it!
  • It gives you super powers!
  • It cures you from male impotency!
  • It can even cure you of The Gays!
  • Protects you from wolves (and bears), and even liberals!
  • And much more!

Cobalt: The Miracle Mineral™Edit

"Cobalt: The Miracle Mineral" became an important educashunal film in all American's schools. "The Wizard of Lead" on the other hand became a terrible film. Its showing became outlawed under the penalty of death

Our Glorious Stephen was the voice over of the character "Colbie"™ from the educashunal film produced by the Scott Thurman & Company.

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