"Coalition of Progressive Democrats"
is an Official "Lover of Immoral Bears" (LiB) Site™

One of the most dangerous liberal organizations in America, the Coalition of Progressive Democrats seeks to destroy our nation by bringing together the liberal base of the Democratic Party. Its mission statement is:

We believe that political and civil liberties should be enjoyed by all people and that promoting economic and social equality should be our nation’s foremost development goal. We stand against all unjust wars and neo-imperialist policies and we stand in support of a world united in the pursuit of peace and prosperity. To advance our ideals, we will participate in the nation-wide movement to build a new Democratic Party that is committed to fighting for progressive change. We will support progressive candidates in Democratic primaries and general elections, lobby our legislators to enact reform and engage in local activism. We invite all who share our values to join our movement.

In other words, it promotes eating babies, alliances with terrorists, and the general corruption of American values.

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