NerdDie12 Clubhouse: Nerd
belongs to's
Nerd Club's Club Name 250px
Club Motto: 10010110
Official Club Function(s): Offer an outlet for's socially inept nerds.
Official Club Language: Klingon
Club Anthem: Anything by Weird Al Yankovic
Club Rituals:
Club Rules:
  • Always wear your pocket protector
  • Never act cool in front of the opposite gender
  • No jocks allowed!
Club Members:
Club Captain: Careax
Fun Fact # 1:
Fun Fact # 2:
Fun Fact # 3:
Pages of Primary Importance:
Pages Our Club Has Adopted for Upkeep:

The Nerd Clubhouse for's Nerd Club is a A Nerdtastic Nerdstravaganza! Club Captain (also known as the Über-Nerd) is Careax.

Nerd alert! Edit


The Greatest Nerd EVER!

Every user is welcomes to join. As long as you're not a jock. Members help defend's soft nerd center from becoming too "hip" and "cool", while at the same time keeping everything truthy.

You can do this by expanding on malnourished nerd-related pages, and creating new pages on nerdish topics. Just remember to include plenty of truthiness and references to the awesome Stephen Colbert.

Stephen Colbert's nerd status Edit

Sadly, Stephen has had to forgo his full nerd status because of the constraints of being a popular and charming television host. But we in the Nerd Club understand. And we maintain he is still part-nerd, and a worthy figure of inspiration.

Nerd love Edit


Seduction - nerd style!

The Nerd Club reminds its members that love doesn't just involve hot chicks, booty, and looks. Platonic love between a man and a computer is acceptable. Just don't take it any further.

When talking to someone of the opposite gender who you want to nail, always talk about computers, physics and math. They love it!

Useful links Edit

You can help the Nerd Club today by turning your level 24 paladin attention to some nerdy pages:

Stephen Colbert Clean up
Stephen is personally watching
Clubhouse: Nerd
to make sure it is not edited
by people who hate The Truth™.
Like Iraq, this page is UNDER CONSTRUCTION.
And also, like Iraq, may always be under construction.
Thank you for your patience, and children.

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