BarbraStreisandRVSE Clubhouse: Liberal Watchers
belongs to's
Liberal Watchers Club

Stephen Colbert Clean up
Stephen is personally watching
Clubhouse: Liberal Watchers
to make sure it is not edited
by people who hate The Truth™.

Coming Soon: The Liberal Watchers Clubhouse for users who like to keep an eye on liberals and all their dirty liberal doings.

In the meantime, if you think you have the Right Stuff to be the Liberal Watchers Club Captain, please apply here. Think of it as your first step along the way to rebuking joining the NSA!!

To join the "Liberal Watchers Club" post an official Liberal Watchers userbox, {{WAlw}}, on your user page.

You might also turn your truthiful attention to these pages, which Liberal Watchers tend to like:

Like Iraq, this page is UNDER CONSTRUCTION.
And also, like Iraq, may always be under construction.
Thank you for your patience, and children.

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