This is the Canadian Club of Perhaps you are a just a wino who stumbled across here looking for the liquor known as Canadian Club. Step one is admitting that you have a problem.

CanadianFlag Clubhouse: Canadian
belongs to's
Canadian Club


"Forget Fidel Castro and his communist island paradise. This club is one bitchin' place to be, eh"
~ Pierre Trudeau's Ghost
Igloo entrance

Welcome to our igloo, but heed the warning above the entranceway.

It's a Canadian Clubhouse for Stephen's Canadian Friends!

Would you like to be the Canadian Club Captain? Well, you're in luck! is currently accepting applications for Club Captains. Apply here and make all the other Canucks jealous. Sorry, but I already CALLED IT!

You'll see the letter u pop up in weird places, but you aren't required to pronounce it.

The Rt. Hon. Lake Effect

Your new Prime Minister, his dog, bowtie and jetpack bid you welcome.

Something for you to do Edit

Contests. Cable television. Seeing your father outside a court-mandated function. These three things come together in a magical way. This thing ends June 17th. Sorry, no Quebeckers!

Have you figured out an inventive way to get Americone Dream into a flavour-deprived Canada? Share it with the rest of us on the talk page.

Create an image of Stephen Jr. having fun in Vancouver.

Sweet and Sour Jesus, find a way to stop Russia from claiming land under the North Pole. Your Canuck Santa asks for your help!

TELL Barack Obama how our system of government works! Did you hear what he said?

Make everything leafy! Edit

While you're waiting for this clubhouse thing to take off (eh),[1] why not Canadiatize some of these truthy pages:

Time honoured Canadian pastimes Edit

The following are a list of activities Canadian Truthicians are fond of doing.

  • Redecorating the White House - since 1812
  • Destroying Denmark - for trespassing in our Arctic territories
  • Producing a deadlier form of maple syrup - clearly not fit for consumption

You're a vegan? Good luck fitting in.

Current Roster of Polar Bear Hunters Edit

Canadian Hero of the WeekEdit

Show your appreciation for Canadian heroes by editing their articles befitting the truthiness of their character. It's enough to make Stephen say, "eh?"

July 13, 2007 - Scott Chantler, not only for bringing Tek Jansen to life on the comic book pages, or taking the filthy liberal media to task for their yellow journalism, but taking chapters of history that would normally be forgotten and turning them into marketable graphic literature. Entertainment Weekly only gave Northwest Passage a B? How dare they. They should have given you an A+, nay, that letter that comes before A. If there isn't one, then we'll just have to change that. The term will be redefined as Chantler to Z.

June 29, 2007 - The White Stripes, for turning a Canadian wilderness vacation into a profitable concert tour. You prove that capitalism doesn't take a break, and you have succeeded in making your cousin Ashley MacIsaac put on some underwear. Also, a chick on drums is pretty hot.

June 13, 2007 - Tommy Chong, for showing us the proper way to punish bad little girls like Paris Hilton. We nominate him to be the Director of the California Department of Corrections. May you never freeze your balls off ever again.


  1. It's a crying shame that the Strange Brew movie was never brought to fruition.

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