Bearsmall Clubhouse: Bear Watchers
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Bear Watchers Club

Stephen Colbert Clean up
Stephen is personally watching
Clubhouse: Bear Watchers
to make sure it is not edited
by people who hate The Truth™.

This is the future home of the BEAR WATCHERS CLUBHOUSE. grrrr. It will be manly, and there will probably be taxidermied dead things hanging on the mantle. If you want, you can extend the "Bear Watchers Club" to include the "Watching" of all Godless Killing Machines on the Tubes, or you can make the other GKM-Watchers get their own club. Entirely up to you...

Anyway, watch this space for more Bear Watching updates.

And if you're interested in being the Bear Watchers Club Captain, leave us a note here. Required for Club Captainship: excellent Bear Watching skills, Godliness, Stepheneration, and Americanness; Bear Huntin' skills a plus. Apply today.

Some pages of potential interest for the Bear Watchers Club (grrr):

Like Iraq, this page is UNDER CONSTRUCTION.
And also, like Iraq, may always be under construction.
Thank you for your patience, and children.

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