Climategate, like D-Day, is the great historic event in which a hacker whistle-blower single-handedly exposed the Leftist scam of Global Warming by releasing private e-mails, program code, and data from a climate research institute in Britain. The released information show clear evidence of data tampering, conspiracies to hide information, and general lack of respect for warriors of freedom.

The name "Climategate" was chosen to parallel "Watergate", the great historic event where President Nixon became a national hero after he unlawfully eavesdropped on the private conversations of the treasonous Democrat Party. (Some people may claim that Nixon was forced to resign after Watergate, but common sense tells us that this cannot be true.)

The word "Climategate" can also refer to the Global Warming Scam.


Background: the Gorebull Warming Scam and the Climatic Research UnitEdit

Climategate started when Al Gore, together with George Soros, Margaret Thatcher, Al-Qaeda, and Lenin's ghost, founded the so-called Climatic Research Unit (CRU) in the UK University of East Anglia. The CRU's publicly stated goal was to do climate research, but its real goal was to further the Communist Soviet Union's aim of a UN World Government by promoting the hoax of Global Warming. To accomplish this goal, the CRU `scientists' communicated with one another using coded messages embedded in Internet e-mails.

The global warming Soviet scam was so powerful that, decades after the great president Ronald Reagan shouted "Tear down this wall!" and caused the Soviet Union to collapse, the CRU continued to pump out socialist propaganda in the form of `scientific papers' confirming the theory of Global Warming. Requests to release the scientists' e-mails and data were blocked. Clearly, someone had to do something.

D-Day: November 19, 2009Edit


Artist's impression of the brave hero "FOIA" who liberated the CRU data and revealed the Global Warming scam.


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