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Cleveland, Ohio
is a Recognized City of the United States of America.
All the geography American schoolkids Need To Know.
Al Franken
Cleveland, Ohio has earned

The city of CLEVELAND is in the piss poor state of OHIO A.K.A. Michigan's Mexico

Mayor: LeBron James
City Hall: Rock 'n' Roll hall of fame
City Flower The Giant Upside-down Free Stamp
Official Language:


aka. Suckass-ese

City Motto: Pittsburgh Sucks
Nickname: The River Fire City
Theme Song: Cleveland Rocks
City Animal: Dawg
Population: 16
Principal industries: Football
Fun Fact # 1: Cleveland rocks.
Fun Fact # 2: Pittsburgh sucks.

Cleveland, Ohio is a city in O-H-I-O. Despite its large size and prominence, there is not any actual money in the city. BP had stored what remained of the cash in the BP building until they decided not to ever enter the city for some reason in 1983. It has been reported that Clevelanders survive by a communist collective set up by former mayor Dennis Kucinich. Its citizens do nothing except watch their sports teams (which uncoincidently always lose in championship games.) and watch the Cuyahoga River burn . Cleveland is the home of King LeBron I.

Cleveland, Ohio HistoryEdit

There isn't much, especially since BP had to take out all of their money from the BP building. (I think we all know why)

Cleveland, Ohio TodayEdit

Probably snowing. Snow is reported in the metropolitan Cleveland area 363 of 365 (364 if leap year) days of the year.

Popular Ethnic Neighborhoods In Cleveland, OhioEdit

Cleveland, Ohio LandmarksEdit

  • Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame

Famous People From Cleveland, OhioEdit

That one guy on the "Drew Carey Show".

A Typical Day In Cleveland, OhioEdit

Get up in the morning, realize you've been fired due to your job going to mexico or canada. Stand up, look out the window into the depressing grey sky meeting with the depressing grey earth, smoke a joint and pass out until the following morning.

Strange Laws in Cleveland, OhioEdit


The City Flower in full bloom.

  • It is illegal for women to wear patent leather shoes, becuase men might see the reflections of thier underwear in them.
  • It is against the law to honk your horn excessively (guess they didn't want to resemble New York)
  • A hunting liscense is necessary to catch mice.
  • Any items left on the tree lawn become city property (suburbs).

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